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International road of Nanjiang

June 19, 2020

Latest company news about International road of Nanjiang

International road of Jiangsu Nanjiang-------the 19th international printing and packaging exhibition reported.

The packaging machinery industry in China has been a huge development since 30 years ago, as the technology has been matured, the company in the inland began to look at the universal market, JIANGSU NANJIANG MACHINERY CO ., LTD is one of them. In recent years, Jiangsu Nanjiang goes more and more quickly in the field of package machine. So how to achieve international quickly and accurately? To this end, we interviewed Jiangsu Nanjiang marketing manager Xu Lei.


Pay more attention to the quality

Exploring the international market actively

After financial crisis broke out in 2008, the package machinery market lay in a gloomy state, most of leaders said this year it’s the hardest year in China. However, for Jiangsu Nanjiang, Xulei said it’s all very good in exploring international market.

Recently years, Jiangsu Nanjiang has been a very fast step to the international market in the field of package machine. So, how to achieve international quickly and accurately? Xulei introduced that the proportion of international and inland is 4:6 this year in Jiangsu Nanjiang, according to this, it could find the importance of international market.

From now on, Jiangsu Nanjiang isn’t the first time to contact international market, since establish and through 10 years development, our products has been exported to all the corner of the world and accumulate so many precious experience and wealth. In fact, Jiangsu Nanjiang has the ability to further explore the international market. Jiangsu Nanjiang began to build international marketing team last year and explore international market at full blast.

Exploring the net marketing mode

In the so many approach to the international market is different to seek agent’s mode, Xulei chose the B2B approach and exhibition to market, and invest international net marketing platform and part of inland sales platform.

Xulei said:” using B2B to explore international market, it promotes our international proceed through the buying information offered by overseas buyers in these platform. Generally, at present the approach acts well through our initial efforts. Also, we could finish key operations, improve the after sales service and reduce the turnover period through net, getting more benefits from limited sources to get the goal of selling goods.

The machine show of high speed operation in the exhibition

In fact, many inland companies aren’t familiar to international market, there are so many thinking before going into the overseas. Jiangsu Nanjiang chooses net platform to down the blindness furthest, it could accurately grasp the clients through the information in the platform to assure the accurancy of marketing.

According to relative date, though European and USA market has been shrunken in the effect of universal economic crisis, but from the outer potential needs, they have a great needs of the intermediate products. As far as the price, the products is more competitive exported from China.

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